semiconductor process equipment

Semiconductor Process EquipmentThe largest equipment companies rely on Silfex to deliver the critical parts needed to meet their customers’ stringent device requirements.

Silfex serves most of the major segments of the semiconductor processing equipment market including etch, PVD, test, ion implant, and thermal processing.

Silfex can be trusted to provide the highest standards in business practices emphasizing confidentiality and IP protection. Silfex consistently delivers the highest quality part, at the lowest price, in the quantities needed.

Semiconductor process equipment applications include:

  • Etch
    • Critical gas distribution
    • Electrostatic chuck rings
    • Edge control and critical plasma containment products
  • Ion Implant
    • Edge rings and metering rings
  • Furnace and Thermal Management
    • Wafer boats
    • Thermal rings
    • Spacer wafers
  • PVD
    • Silicon targets (bonded/non-bonded)