silicon assemblies

Silicon AssembliesSilfex is unmatched in its capability to machine silicon and other materials to critical specifications and to bond silicon to other materials such as graphite, aluminum, copper, moly, and silicon carbite.

Silfex is uniquely positioned to take a component or assembly from concept to final design, and then to high-volume manufacturing. This is achieved by providing expertise in many disciplines including material selection, electrical conductivity, Design for Manufacturing, analysis, testing, and packaging to deliver the lowest cost, highest performing assembly.

Silicon assemblies include:

  • Silicon electrodes (graphite, silicon or aluminum backing)
  • Probes, probe heads and sensors
  • Silicon targets (bonded, alloys, composites, planar and rotary drum)
  • Precision elastomer dispense (high temperature or high thermal transfer)
  • Precision assembly cleaning (DI or ultrasonic clean)