ingot processing

Ingot ProcessingSilfex maintains state-of-the-art wire saws for processing all sizes and shapes of hard, brittle materials.

Leveraging expertise from the silicon wafer industry, Silfex’s team of experts use precision silicon carbide-based saws to cut large diameter material to exact tolerances. This method ensures low kerf with minimal waste impact to expensive material. Silicon processing is validated with a wide variety of quality and test methodologies, including tests for resistivity, lifetime, slip and defect detection, GDMS, SEMS, and other advanced testing regimes.

Capabilities include:

  • Outside diameter grinders with capacity to >460mm diameter
  • Low kerf-loss precision wire guided slicing (thick and thin blanks)
  • Ingot coring to very high aspect ratios
  • Advanced testing for defects, lifetime, resistivity, and grain consistency