precision cleaning

Precision CleaningSilfex’s state-of-the art facility for precision cleaning of components utilizes a variety of acids and other chemicals to achieve best in class cleanliness.

Using automated cleaning lines, Silfex can meet the challenge of cleaning both pure materials and compound components to the most exacting requirements.

Leveraging Silfex’s experience with sub-45µm processing equipment requirements for cleaning and particle control, Silfex can develop custom methodology specific to the most rigorous customer needs.

Capabilities include:

  • Chemicals including acetic, nitric, HF, and others
  • DI water clean and rinse
  • Abrasive clean and etch
  • Testing and verification (including Sonoscan)
  • Surface metals analysis (ICP/MS)

Clean room facilities include:

  • >5,000 ft² Class 1000
  • >1,800 ft² Class 7 for mixed acid etching
  • >1,500 ft² Class 5 for final cleaning
  • >1,500 ft² Class 4 for cleaning bonded assemblies