Silfex is the leading provider of precision components used to make and operate semiconductor manufacturing equipment – which enable the trillion-dollar global electronics industry. The company’s products are integral to the semiconductor equipment and optical markets. A wholly owned subsidiary of Lam Research, Silfex is the world’s largest custom silicon components growing and manufacturing facility.


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Technology has come a long way since our early days, and we are proud of our role connecting the world via the semiconductor equipment and optical markets.

  • 2019

    Two locations, one team – Springfield facility opens, bringing the company to more than 500,000 square feet across both sites
  • 2018

    Silfex announces expansion into Springfield, Ohio
  • 2016

    The Silfex business doubles in size at the original facility in Eaton, Ohio
  • 2009

    Silfex is established
  • 2006

    Lam Research acquires Bullen's silicon growing and processing assets
  • 1971

    Bullen Ultrasonics founded


Whether scheduling, checking an order status, resolving customer issues, or troubleshooting, the Silfex team of experts is available to quickly answer customer questions and resolve specific requests. As the single point of contact for all customer issues, Customer Service coordinates our interdisciplinary teams of engineers and quality resources to resolve all issues completely and rapidly. Our focus is responsiveness and accuracy and providing best-in-class silicon components for our customers.


Our engineers have extensive experience in processes, manufacturing, and design, combined with specialized knowledge in materials, mechanical, chemical, and electrical disciplines that deliver the best possible components. We’re also skilled at working with technically challenging materials such as silicon and silicon carbide.

Customers can request an engineering consultation of proposed designs that may include Design for Manufacturing improvements, review of material and machining choices, optimization for gas distribution, or other recommended actions that improve performance and reduce costs. Our production experts can assist with complex integration challenges including bonding, precision cleaning, and packaging for distribution.

Learn more about how we make our silicon components on our Processes page.

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