We machine highly specialized silicon parts for the semiconductor and optical industries – this work requires quality craftsmanship, technical acumen, and engineering expertise. Silfex products go on to play a key role in cutting-edge processes, from plasma etching to vapor deposition to rapid thermal processing. Our parts enable the technology that connects and powers our world – as such, we strive for consistent, top tier quality with every component, every time.

Silicon Slotted Rings

Control during the plasma etch process takes innovative solutions with microscopic accuracy; our silicon slotted rings are uniquely positioned to deliver world class etch performance and consistent plasma distribution, thanks to exacting dimensions and distinctive slotting features.

What makes us better

  • Uniformity of slots offers better plasma control
  • Machining accuracy and reproducibility, critical for etch uniformity and high quality wafers

Silicon Electrodes

Our silicon electrodes incorporate exact hole drilling, accurate CNC machining, and lapping and polishing techniques. We continue to innovate our silicon electrode manufacturing processes, creating precision gas holes and customized surface shapes. This results in better etch uniformity in plasma etch chambers.

What makes us better

  • Customizable surface shapes
  • Advanced capability to drill damage-free holes

Silicon Rings

Precision machining and defect-free bulk source material are the keys to our silicon edge rings. Working together with our electrodes and confinement rings, edge rings help protect underlying components from damage and ensure a controlled plasma etch process and high-quality wafers.

What makes us better

  • Dimensional control
  • Surface finish control

Silicon Targets

Thin film deposition requires a high purity source material – whether customers need ingots, blanks, chamber parts, or other customized components for the optical market, we craft our targets with top quality silicon and machine according to high standards, making them the highest caliber choice for Physical Vapor Deposition.

What makes us better

  • High purity silicon
  • Surface finish control
  • Accuracy and dimensional control

Custom Parts and Precision Components

For any custom component or assembly, we use our engineering and manufacturing expertise to take customer concepts to full production.

Our production and engineering teams add value each step of the way, from unique silicon material requirements, component concept and design to full-scale production. We provide in-house silicon growing facilities, ingot slicing and shaping, state-of-the-art machining capabilities and supply chain management.

Our team members create these products with the highest regard for accuracy, repeatability and quality.

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