Silicon Growing

What makes us better

The quality of our components starts with the silicon we grow in our facilities. We’ve revolutionized our processes to grow single and multi-crystalline silicon in a wide variety of lengths and diameters, with favorable microdefect distribution. The result: better component performance and a longer lifespan.

Our silicon crystals lead to higher quality, longer-lasting components, and better quality of wafer processing in plasma etch chambers.


  • Single and multi-crystalline silicon ingots of varying sizes
  • Defect-free, single crystal Magnetic Czochralski (MCZ) ingots
  • High purity of silicon materials (>9N)
  • Resistivity: P-type – as low as 0.005 ohm-cm, undoped silicon
  • Single crystal silicon ingots of <100> orientation

Learn more about how we process our silicon crystals.

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