Silicon Crystal Ingot Processing

What makes us better

With extensive slicing and grinding expertise, silicon crystal ingot processing at Silfex uses unique state-of-the-art technologies to accommodate different materials and geometries to make semiconductor equipment components. Processing large geometries with low kerf and minimal waste of expensive materials makes us exceptional on a global scale. Once processing is complete, we validate the silicon ingot material using a wide variety of quality testing methods, such as resistivity, lifetime, slip, bulk purity, defect detection, and other advanced regimens.

Our best-in-class grinding and slicing techniques result in minimal edge damage, low kerf loss and reduce waste of materials. Our post-process testing ensures the highest quality silicon components.


  • Outside diameter grinders with capacity >460 mm
  • Slice large diameter (> 550mm) cylindrical material
  • Low kerf-loss precision wire guided material slicing (thick and thin blanks)
  • Silicon ingot coring to high aspect ratios
  • Advanced silicon testing for defects, lifetime, resistivity, and grain consistency

We machine our ingots using world-class equipment and techniques.

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