As a division of Lam Research, Silfex collaborates closely with suppliers to meet emerging customer needs and develop more stringent social and environmental requirements, including screening and auditing requirements for human trafficking, child and forced labor, human rights, and workplace safety. We’re committed to responsible supply chain management practices and addressing these important topics.

Sourcing the specialized components needed for our process equipment and services requires our supply chain to have a global presence. Silfex is committed to complying with applicable laws and regulations and contractually requires our direct material suppliers to conduct their business in a manner that complies with applicable laws and regulations. We hold our suppliers to the same Core Values to which we hold ourselves, and partner with them to promote responsible and ethical operations throughout our supply chain. Our supply chain is also held to Lam Research’s Supplier Code of Conduct; it incorporates by reference and requires supplier adherence to the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) Code of Conduct, which is reviewed regularly and updated with feedback from external stakeholders by the RBA. We work closely with our suppliers to address a wide range of issues through responsible supply chain management, including human rights, supplier diversity, environmental impact, cybersecurity, and mineral sourcing.


Lam Research values a diverse and inclusive supply chain and is committed to selecting diverse suppliers who offer goods and services that meet our company’s standards, supplier selection criteria, and customer requirements. Our focus is to select partners that help us provide best-in-class products and services at the leading edge and throughout the technology lifecycle with the lowest total cost to our customers.

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