Precision Component Etching & Cleaning

What makes us better

Silfex’s state-of-the art facilities and clean rooms use a variety of acids and other chemicals to achieve best-in-class cleanliness on our machined silicon components. We meet industry standard cleaning requirements on components with varying shapes and sizes using automated clean and etch systems.

A wide range of chemical and mechanical processes allow Silfex to develop custom methods to meet increasing customer needs. We specialize in cleaning high aspect ratio elements on silicon components such as submicron gas holes, blind holes, and threaded features, keeping surfaces free of contamination and stains.

Our facilities, processes and focus on precision results in innovative cleaning solutions and superior cleanliness of silicon components.


  • Surface particle removal efficiencies greater than 95% for particles 0.5 um or larger
  • Reduction of surface trace metals below 1E12 atoms/cm2
  • Chemical cleaning processes using acetic, nitric, hydrofluoric, and other chemicals
  • Ultra-pure DI water cleaning and rinsing
  • Multi-frequency damage-free ultrasonic cleaning on surface sensitive materials
  • Pressurized spray systems to remove high surface to volume ratio particles and chemical residues on 3D features
  • Testing and verification of cleaning results and our finished products

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