custom silicon ingots & blanks

Silicon FurnanceLow-volume, high-mix custom production of single and multi-crystal silicon is supported with Silfex's in-house crystal growing capability for 460mm and greater diameters. Larger diameters and/or custom sizes, for unique applications, may be considered with our technical materials group.

Long-term, semiconductor-grade polysilicon contracts ensure the supply and quality of raw materials. Choices of diameter, resistivity, and dopants are available and state-of-the-art tooling for crystal pulling and slicing delivers the desired results.

Wide range of custom silicon:

  • Ingots, blank size slices of 150mm-460mm in diameter
  • Semiconductor-grade polysilicon
  • Defect-free single crystal Magnetic Czochralski (MCZ) ingots
  • Multi-crystalline “poly” ingots and blanks
  • Resistivity: P-type – as low as 0.005 ohm-cm – undoped; N-type (upon request) <100> orientation (others upon request)
  • Large choice of diameter and resistivity